To be known as a world class authentic manufacturer of African Cuisine, promoting high quality and unique healthy eating from another corner of the globe.

Jollofe was set up 15 years ago with a view to introduce Afro/Continental/European menus under one umbrella a departure from the general oriented service and product provision.

Jollofe Limited is UK leading manufacturer and supplier of deliciously authentic, and high quality chilled and frozen ethnic ready meals. The company is based in Greenwich, South East London, and has clients base which include Superstores, Councils (schools), Prisons, Diplomatic missions, Airlines, wholesale and Retail outlets.

Jollofé in January 2010 launched its newly developed ambient sauce; ‘Tom-ata’ (at Excel International Exhibition Centre, London) & Pepperata (For Export Only) in Nigeria. Tom-áta / Pepperata is a baseline sauce designed to add the authentic taste of Africa not only to Afro-Caribbean dishes, but also to international cuisine. It is a secret and special blend of herbs and spices sourced from the rich and diverse regions of Africa. a ‘Taste of Africa’, the heat of the desert, a sunshine hotness, giving food a taste of place.”

We pride ourselves in delivering very high standards and quality products. With keen attention to detail, Jollofe is the name and brand to reckon with.

Our healthy foods contain less than 5% fat and less than 1% salt.

They are packed in bio-degradable containers which do not harm the environment.

We offer free advisory consultation to achieve a tailor-made service/product provision-

With authentic taste and authentic profit for our clients.

Our staff are well trained and particularly courteous in the discharge of their duty.

Customer satisfaction is our main focus; our service and products are tailored to achieve our set goals.