(1) Where is Jollofe food located?
Muriel, London Road. ME8 7PP
Tel: 01634388887
Email: enquiries@jollofe.com

(2) Does Jollofe offer organic product?
Yes. We offer a range of organic product and tailored menu.

(3) Is preservatives used in your food?
No. They do not contain any preservatives.

(4) Do you have any additive in your tomato sauce?
No. There are no additives contained in Tomata sauce

(5) Are your foods suitable for vegetarian?
Yes. Most of our foods are suitable for vegetarian or can prepare ours food to a given diet

(6) Do you export your products?
Yes. We currently export to Nigeria and Ghana in the pipeline

(7) Are any of Jollofe ready meal halal?
We manufacture halal sauces tailored to suit individual clients.

(8) How long can Jollofe products last on shelf?
Our chilled ready ,meals has a shelf life of 5 days to 7 days. Our frozen ready meals have a shelf life of 12 months. Our ambient sauces have a shelf life of 12 months

(9) How long can Jollofe products be stored once they are opened?
We advised that once our products are opened they should be stored in a air tight jar and keep refrigerated and used with 3 days