The management of Jollofe have over 10 years’ commercial experience in the industry.
Christine Sauces, a dynamic and competent food expert, has worked with established food industries in the UK, gaining internationally recognized qualification and experience. Christine implements good management skills, strategy, and strong vision for the smooth operation of the business. She holds a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry, a diploma in Bakery & Craft (Confectionary), an NVQ Level 4 in Management Skill and an NVQ in Customer Service and Care.

Christine has enthusiastic and flexible ‘can do’ approach to life but she is also a world class chef, baker and an experienced business woman who implements good management skills, strategy and planning to ensure the smooth running of her highly respected, professional catering business.

Her role is the CEO and Product Development. Her strength is the ability to adapt any type of ethnic or international cuisine to world standard.

Her goal is to introduce the various types of African cuisine into the highly conservative and critical European market, making it permanently acceptable not only for its taste but also for healthy eating now and into the future.

What sets Christine apart from her peers is the dynamism, pedigree and mechanics to provide tailor-made services for many and varied clients.